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OMAYUMI Performance & Installation  21/Mar.2018 / 芦屋ルナホール

photo: Toru Suzuki, Yukio Togo

 The title; “LUNATIC!”

   LUNA HALL in Ashiya city, on 21th March 2018.


The LUNA HALL is complete black, the walls, the floors. And it has a white straight line from the floor to the wall to the sealing back to the floor like a moonlight.


My performance started at the lobby. There were some red plastic tubes as the symbolized blood line or human life, some abstract. The red tubes were across the white moon line, or on it.

The air blew through the tubes and I entered. My voice was like a baby or some other being. I crawled forward in the narrow tube. It was hard but delightful. I wanted to be born, I wanted to break out. Then, I was born in the front of the audience. I was a newborn, it was a something like a metamorphose. I pulled the tube and moved to the hall with the audience.


In the hall, I made a floating red tube inflated by Helium gas. It was like a bridge to the sky.

The stage was a black round hole. But actually it was a mirror. The mirror was an entrance to the other world. I found me. When I held the mirror, the strong light pointed at the mirror. The mirror was also like a moon. The reflection lit up the audience. Search for our world and the other world. I wished to go back and forth. A sound began and increased. Suddenly I stomped like a child in a “Dada” style. It was complicated, sad, angry, but joyful and energetic. After that, I was released through catharsis. I waved farewell to the mirror and left through the audience.

Lights went out.

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